Home Tour Part 10: Guest Bath, Version 2.0

This series has been so much fun, it's hard to believe we've arrived at our final post! Kudos to you if you've stuck with us for the whole tour, and of course, all the previous posts are available on the blog if you missed one.

This last space is an exciting one to share because this is the room in which we've done the most major of updates. This room was surely the MOST dated space in our house, from the brassy faucet, to the honey oak cabinets, to the teal formica countertops. Oh, and lets not forget the floral beige tiles and ALL beige fixtures. UG.

Lets take a little journey through our updating process:

Here's a HORRIBLE before photo...

This next shot is just after painting the cabinets. I used Lowe's furniture paint, which is super easy to use (no sanding necessary!) and it seems to be holding up well. I ended up going a little lighter on the cabinets than I originally intended, but overall I'm happy with it. I may go one or two shades darker after I live with it for a little while. I also swapped out the brass hardware for updated blackish bronze ones (which I actually had laying around from another house project).

Next up was countertop installation with our friend Paul at Styles Stone Design (highly recommend!). We went with a slightly off white quartz that has these beautiful flecks of grey beige, and we updated the sink to a white under-mount fixture for wayyy easier cleaning.

Designer hint: you can save on counters if you find a remnant that fits your vanity size. Fabricators, like Paul, often have them on hand and are usually willing to give you a good price to move them off the floor.

This next one was just after getting the flooring installed. We went with a wood-look luxury vinyl plank (LVP) from our friends over at Complete Flooring and Interiors, which we laid right over the tile (some leveling was required). We wanted something that would tie in with our brighter wood trim, but that wouldn't look like we went all matchy-matchy. The team at Complete Flooring also swapped out our ugly beige toilet for a shiny new white one.

And lastly, my super cool hand-dandy father (an electrician by trade) helped us hook up our plumbing fixtures and swap out the old light fixtures (I was a pretty darn good assistant, if I do say so myself). Here's a shot of him in action:

You might not be able to tell from the photos, but we also updated the wall color. It was just a little too stark white before, so I went for something with juuuust a touch more tone to it.

The only element we didn't end up updating was the tub and the tile surround. We did swap out the old brass shower head for a new chrome one, but the tub and tile are in decent shape, and while I'd love it to match, we weren't quite ready to put the money into it. We may have it glazed white at some point in the future, but for the time being, the shower curtain stays shut, so no one is none the wiser.

Overall it was a super economical update. We spent just over $1,000 all said and done (granted, being a designer, I do get to cash in on some favors when it comes to working with vendors on my own house!). We saved a ton by not ripping out the original flooring, keeping the tub, and reusing the cabinetry.

So take a look at the finished project! (I'll admit the photos didn't turn out the greatest...I went rogue on this one and shot them myself...!)