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Our Sunny Little Sunroom & My Favorite Spot For Coffee | Grand Rapids Home Tour Part 8

Just off our kitchen and leading into our backyard is the sunniest little sunroom that you ever did see.

There's a builtin daybed, which was there when we moved in, and it's really just the perfect spot for hanging out, drinkin' a coffee (or wine), readin' a book, you name it. In warmer months, you could use it as a guest room, or just the odd nap.

The sunroom also functions as a perfect holding cell for Ruby (our pup) when someone knocks on the front door. To all you dog parents of anxious pups—I see you!!

I've posted photos of this room before, but I've since stolen just about every element I had in the space to use in other areas of the house.

It's not a super usable room during winter, and I always miss whatever is out this is the new version!

Its not super accessorized, and very white, but I like it that way. Makes for a good place to think.

Sometimes when I walk by the door it catches my eye and makes me smile :)

Also, I apparently did not iron the sheet on the daybed before getting these photos. My apologies.

I forget where I purchased the curtains, but I wanted something simple and striped. The little rug beneath the table was a gift from my mom for my birthday, and the table was a piece I purchased when we were considering selling the house, and I wanted to stage the room.

The rocking chair was a marketplace find that came with three other chairs, but I've since sold those off. The pillows and throw are all from Homegoods, and the little table to the right of the backdoor (which you cant see) was a refinished piece we received for our wedding.

While there's not a whole lot to the space, sometimes less can be more, and it definitely makes me smile!


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