Home Tour Part 8: Sunniest Little Sunroom

Just off our kitchen and leading into our backyard is the sunniest little sunroom that you ever did see. There's a builtin daybed, which was there when we moved in, and it's really just the perfect spot for hanging out, drinkin' a coffee (or wine), readin' a book, you name it. The sunroom also functions as a perfect holding cell for Ruby (our pup) when someone knocks on the front door.

I've posted photos of this room before, but I've since stolen just about every element I had in the space to use in other areas of the house (its not a super usable spot during winter, and I always missed whatever is out there..oops) so this is the new version!

Its not super accessorized, and very white, but I like it that way. Makes for a good place to think. Sometimes when I walk by the door it catches my eye and makes me smile :)

Also, I apparently did not iron the sheet on the daybed before getting these photos. My apologies.