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Project Update: Moroccan Chic Meets Cottage in the Woods

Lately, we've been really feeling Moroccan inspired vibes thanks to this current project. Our clients are a fun young couple who recently moved into a cottage style home. Their old furniture wasn't fitting the new look that they wanted so we are refurnishing and decorating their living room.

A Moroccan inspired living room mood board by LF Designs.

Working with our clients' style vision has been a creative challenge, and an incredibly fun one. As you can tell from our mood board above, they want to blend Moroccan with rustic, which is a unique and amazing combination. Our job is to figure out how to mix the two so that they flow seamlessly together, rather than feeling like two separate looks.

A living room floor plan by Lauren Figueroa Interior Designs.

The outside of our clients' home looks like a spacious log cabin and the inside also has a fairly rustic feel. Think wood floors, stone fireplace, wood trim and soaring windows with lots and lots of trees. Since so much of the rustic element is already incorporated into the architecture, in our mood board we focused on bringing in the Moroccan side through the art, coffee tables, mirror and textures. We'll also be incorporating some gorgeous rugs and artwork that our clients' already own.

We found the key to blending the two styles in our color palette. The house is surrounded by nature and has a very natural feel, so we selected a neutral and green palette for our clients' decor. These soothing shades provide the crossover between the two different styles. Our clients get the Moroccan look in their furniture, but with a natural color palette to complement the cottage element.

This project has been challenging and beautiful in all the best ways and we can't wait to share the final reveal with you! For now, take a look at some lovelies that just might make it into this space:

A set of two round tables that can be layered, selected by Lauren Figueroa.

A large neutral couch with a cozy look.

A floor lamp with a textured shade.

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