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Top Five Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

An airy sunroom designed by Lauren Figueroa Interior Design.

We’re always trying to pull back the curtain on the mysterious interior design industry. In a previous post, we talked about what an interior designer actually does by going over our process with you. This week, we want to share why you might want to hire an interior designer.

Anyone can style their own home, right? This is the age of DIY-ing it. Most of us can go to the store and pick out some furniture, a couple throw pillows, and a piece of artwork. But, not all of us want to do that or can do that easily. And there is so much more to your space and your life than just those things.

An interior designer not only takes the pressure off of you but deepens the design process. Just take a look at our top five reasons to hire a designer below:

1) Time

This is the most obvious one. Most of us cannot get enough time! Not at work, with our family, or on vacation. Designing your home takes time and if that’s not something you want to spend your time on, then don’t! An interior designer can do that for you.

A bold carpet accented by the rich tones of a wood table by LF Designs.

2) Continuity

Often, when you decorate your own home, it’s piece by piece. You find the right sofa here. You discover a cute houseplant there. While this can lead to fun surprises along the way, if you prefer a more continuous process, you might want to hire a designer.

Designing a whole home, or room at a time, leads to continuity in your décor. Designers can carry an overall style throughout your home or they can repeat a pattern, color, or texture to create that same continuity. Plus, your home or room is done all at once. No waiting years for a completed vision.

A cool sunroom designed by LFID.

3) Industry Specific Knowledge

Sound fancy? It’s really the same as an accountant or any other specialist. Designers know their field, including all the specifics that aren't general knowledge. A good interior designer isn’t just someone with really good taste. Rather, a good designer is a strong communicator that can enhance your vision with knowledge on color psychology, space maximizing, task lighting, and so much more.

Designers also have connections to other professionals in the industry, like carpenters, floor installers, etc. If you’re in need of those services, then a trusted recommendation is an invaluable piece of knowledge that can simplify your process.

A bathroom with gorgeous sinks by Lauren Figueroa Interior Design.

4) Long Term Commitment

Most of us aren’t redesigning our homes on a monthly basis. Usually, we’re committing to keeping our furniture and paint colors around for awhile if only because of the expense. So, why not have the guidance of an industry professional when making such a big commitment with your money and your home?

A kitchen designed by Lauren Figueroa.

5) Investment

Anyone who’s worked with our company or read our posts knows that we believe interior design isn’t just about a good looking home. It’s about having a space that meets your needs, inspires your senses, and brings your family joy.

Good design is an investment in your well-being. So much of your life is lived at home. So many of your most precious memories are made in that one space. So isn’t it worth making that place a beautiful one?

A moody dining room with rich teal walls by LFID.

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