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Announcing Our 10-Week Home Tour of My Grand Rapids House on Madison Ave.

Three years ago this September, we moved into a big, old, charming colonial in the Heritage Hill neighborhood of Grand Rapids. We're in a historic district, and while our house is not as gargantuan as some of the homes on our street, it can definitely hold its own.

The 1915 house is a four bed, two and a half bath, and boasts about 2400 square feet----not counting the attic loft, which adds and additional 800 square ft (yeahhhh, for first time home-owners you might say we got in over our heads juuuuust a little).

The housing market in Grand Rapids is wild, so like so many, we started throwing around the idea of putting it on the market. It was an an emotional conversation for both of us, and we were so close to moving forward!

In the end -- many tearful conversations and pros + cons lists later --we realized that we both love this house, our neighborhood, being just blocks from our favorite coffee shop and restaurant. We could see ourselves bing here for a long time. For now, we want to invest in this place.

That said, as I thought about the possibility of leaving this beautiful place, I felt it was about time I posted a home tour! In thinking about a possible move, we started a few projects (guest bathroom update, attic loft "guest suite" (ooo lala!), front porch repair, backyard updates - aka actually mowing our lawn!), so I’m excited to share our progress on those and give you a peek into our home and life.

I also recently moved my office to the main level den, and I’m currently putting the room that used to be my office back together as a proper guest room. I've done a lot lot of pushing and painting and moving furniture and updating decor, and really, it’s been SUPER rewarding to do some work on my own house.

I’m not working with a budget near as close to what's typical when working with clients, so this will also be a little lesson in DIY/thrift shopping/working with what you’ve got. It’s not our typical content, but I hope it’ll be enjoyable and give you a little more of a sense of the face behind Lauren Figueroa Interior Design.

SO! Stay tuned over the next ten weeks as we tour our home room by room!!

Excited to show you this place that I love :)

Cheers, Lauren

Also, lets just reminisce about my old airy office...ahhhhh, so dreamy!


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If you have a project on the horizon, get started by telling us a little about your vision here, and you can view past projects here. Thanks for stopping by!

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