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Style Discovery: The Closet Session | What Your Clothing Has To Say About Your Interior Design Style

A row of shirts hanging against a white wall.

Ever feel like it’s easy to know what you NEED from your home but not what you WANT? When it comes to designing your space, sometimes the needs are really clear. You might need a bigger entertaining area or a more accessible bathroom. But when it comes to things like color, style, and the overall feel of your space, that can seem a little more vague.

At LFID, one of the most fun and crucial parts of our design process is have a style discovery conversation with our clients. This is a chance for us to see what our clients are drawn to which then helps guide us in the right direction. An easy way for you to do this at home is to simply open your closet!

Sound crazy? Our clothes often reflect the colors and styles we are most drawn to and are most comfortable with. The contents of our closets also speak to us about what we value, whether it’s comfort and simplicity, or daring trends and sophistication. All of those elements are priceless things to know when designing your space.

As you start sifting through your closet, keep an eye out for repeats. Do you see a common style, color, pattern, or texture over and over again? That’s a good hint that you’ve found something you’re drawn to.

Lets take a look at a few of my go-to outfits to see what they might have to say about my design style and how it plays out in the spaces I create...

I mean, seriously, this outfit 👆 the below living room were basically made for each other. Blues, burnt orange, neutrals, wood tones, & white. This outfit is extremely comfortable, but also still feels intentional. In my own home, I want people to feel comfortable and at ease, but also like I could throw a snazzy party and have the house be a great backdrop:

And this shirt 👆 my dining room walls. If you saw our home tour series, you'll notice that this blue comes up again and again throughout our home:

This shirt 👆 and that sofa 👇

Or how about this black/white classy but casual outfit 👆 and the below monochromatic living room—because nothin' says snappy casual like an Eames chair:

Layered neutrals + hints of blue in my dress/sweater here 👆 are reflected in the below living room sofa and pillow combos:

Moral of the story, you can DEFINITELY see the above clothing color palettes reflected in not only my home, but in the spaces I design for clients. Layers of neutrals, whites, wood tones, burnt oranges, and looooots of blues and greens is the world I tend to live in. And it's all in my closet!

From the Closet to the Space

The next step is to translate your discovery from the world of fashion into the world of interior design. Sometimes this is really simple. If you find your closet packed with blue colors, then you’d probably like the color blue in your space. Easy, right? But at other times, this takes a little more self-discovery.

A minimalist room with a white desk.

This minimalist room is perfect for someone

whose closet is full of simplicity and neutrals.

For instance, if your closet is filled with soft, casual pieces that are perfect for lounging in, then comfort might be something that you really value. That means you’d likely benefit from a cozy and comfortable space.

Do you have lots of bright colors, funky patterns, and unique pieces in your closet? Then you might prefer a bold space with some retro charm mixed in. The possibilities are endless. It’s all about discovering what you like.

If your wardrobe conveys sophistication and elegance,

try carrying those themes into your home.

Warm tones and wood are perfect for

someone with a cozy, rustic style.

While your closet is a great starting point, it’s important to remember that it’s not a perfect representation of you. Sometimes we have lots of business clothes because that’s what’s required of us at work, not because we personally love formality. Keep in mind those exceptions, but don’t let them deter you from using this great resource.

If you want to take your discovery session deeper, try looking at magazines or photos online and creating a collage of images that you’re drawn to. Don’t limit yourself to room specific pictures or other interior design images.

Remember, you’re not trying to design your space right now; you’re simply trying to discover your style. Simply find beautiful photos that you love and collect them. Then, see if there are any similarities amidst the images, just like you did with your clothing. This is a technique that we use with our clients and it’s invaluable!

A mood board featuring bright colors and retro charm.

This collage has repeating colors and trends that

give you the sense of a retro, but sophisticated, style.

These exercises should give you a great starting point for discovering the style you bring into your space. Having a deeper knowledge of what you value and what you want from your home will help guide you as you choose everything from colors to furniture.


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