The Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

A natural Thanksgiving tablescape featuring greenery, candles, and neutral colors.

Crafting your Thanksgiving tablescape can be one of the most fun and creative parts of your holiday preparations. More than on any other holiday, the table is the center of attention (who doesn't gaze starry-eyed at all the Thanksgiving deliciousness???) so it's important to have a design that is welcoming and eye-catching.

To help your tablescape to flourish, we've highlighted three key tips below to guide you:

1) Eyes Before Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be amazing conversation starters, but only if people can see each other to converse! If your table arrangements include a to-die-for centerpiece (and we really, really think they should!), then make sure it is low enough to allow people to see over it.

If you have a tall arrangement that you simply love, consider moving it just while dinner is ongoing. The turkey can always take its place as the main attraction!

A table with a checkered cloth and tall floral arrangements.

2) Design With Size In Mind

Are you decorating for a large banquet this Thanksgiving? Or are you using a cafe table to host your intimate dinner for two? Tables of different sizes equal drastically different tablescapes. A smaller one will require less décor to leave room for dinnerware and food, while larger spaces will benefit from multiple decorations fanned out over the length of your table. So keep size in mind as you craft your layout and select décor.

Two long buffet tables decorated with winding greenery.

3) Let Dinnerware Shine

No matter how gorgeous your table is, at the end of the day, its main purpose is still for your guests to dine at. That means providing the necessary dinnerware in a way that's both functional and attractive. Consider using a more formal set-up and following the standard etiquette guide for laying out your silverware (you can view that guide here). Take time to arrange each area so pieces are tidy and each place setting is clearly defined.

A person arranging dinnerware on a table for Thanksgiving.

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