Miniature Bright Yellow Appliances For This Playful Bungalow Kitchen

This project is the perfect example of a small space getting a MAJOR transformation. This 1950's bungalow in Alger Heights hadn't been updated in a LONG time—maybe never—so we we're super excited to get our hands on this space!

The original kitchen was small and awkwardly laid out, and it definitely did not make sense functionally. When you're working with a small space, every inch counts, and the original kitchen seemed like someone just plopped a few cabinets and appliances in there and left them where they landed—tons of wasted space! The appliances were big and bulky, and were positioned in major traffic areas, which made the space feel very cramped and not at all practical. Take a look at the before:

// BEFORE //

Our client wanted to maintain the existing footprint but maximize the space for storage and functionality. As the only person living in the house, she didn't feel the need for a massive fridge or tons of cabinet storage. Rather than upper cabinets, we went with open shelving to make the space feel spacious and went small-scale vintage-inspired for our appliances. We relocated the range to the sink wall, and since we were going with a smaller fridge, we were able to fit it just beside the window on the adjacent wall.

Where the range was previously, we created a small built-in dry bar with storage above for some additional counter space and practical storage. We also designed a custom, mobile island cart that matched her perimeter cabinets which could be used for prep space when needed and pushed to the side when she wanted more open space to maneuver.

Rather than using our color moment on the walls (as in the before photos), we toned down the shell of the space to make it feel bright and airy and brought in our color through the appliances and dish ware. We went with a large-scale grey tile on the floors, classic white subway tile as our backsplash, a slight grey toned quartz countertop on the perimeter cabinets, and butcher block for our island cart.

Take a look at the before and after images below:

// BEFORE //