Install Day: Moroccan Chic Meets Cottage In The Woods

Interior designer Lauren Figueroa arranging a plant.

Install days are always fun. Seeing months of hard work and dreams realized is a beautiful moment! But this one may just have been EXTRA fun: gorgeous lighting, sweet clients that left out snacks and drinks for us, and a top notch install team made for a dream-come-true install day.

If you remember, our moroccan chic cottage project involved blending a husband and wife's individual styles. The husband's style was rustic, while the wife's tastes leaned in a Moroccan/Persian direction. I knew that blending these two looks would be a challenge but I was also convinced it was possible. The rustic look was already so present in the log cabin style home, so by adding in Moroccan inspired pieces and choosing a natural color palette, we were able to blend the two in a soothing and beautiful way.

When install day came, we had an awesome team that made the process smooth and fun. Klingman's Furniture delivery team is always ready for action, and they so willingly appeased my perfectionism as we moved the rug, then the sofa, then the rug again juuuuust a little, then the sofa again...THANKS GUYS!

Our buddy James Fry from Peace and Toil stopped by to drop off our adorable fiddle leaf fig tree (finally! can you believe this is my first figgy in a space?!) and the lovely Alyssa Wagner (Alyssa & Drew Photography) lent her camera skillz to grab some to-die-for shots...annnnnnd a few ridiculously silly ones, which are always appreciated.

Take a look at the install process here!

// Armed with coffee in hand at the very start of the day //

The beginning of install day with LF Designs.

// this rug is LITERALLY to die for!! //

Lauren Figueroa arranging the rug.

A little blanket arranging by LF Designs.

A close-up of the gorgeous couch.

Lauren Figueroa Interior Designs arranging tables.

The cottage style living room.

James Fry, of Peace and Toil, arranging the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

// Thanks, James!! You'll definitely want to check out Peace and Toil here //

Lauren Figueroa, of LF Designs, with James Fry, of Peace and Toil.

A close-up of the fiddle leaf fig from Peace and Toil.

Lauren Figueroa arranging decor.

The living room designed by LF Designs.

Decorating the mantel.

A close-up shot of the wood and stone mantel.

// pillow essential part of the creative process //

Tossing some pillows!

A close-up of the couch and throw pillows.

Two of the chairs selected by Lauren Figueroa Interior Designs.

A far out shot of the whole room by LF Designs.

// all tuckered out after a great installation! //

Taking a little break!

Principal designer, Lauren Figueroa, in a room designed by LF Designs.

And so, a great team makes for a great installation! We have a few more things to do in this space before its 100% completed: there's a large bookshelf slated to go beside the fireplace, and the walls will eventually be painted a nice taupey gray. Stay tuned for the final reveal to come!

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