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Business Highlight: C&I Building Maintenance, LLC

When you get the chance to partner with a company that's both professional and client-focused, you have to brag about them, at least a little! That's why for this week's blog, we're highlighting Commercial and Industrial Building Maintenance from Sparta, Michigan; a company that provides everything from flooring and insulation, to roofing and painting.

We partnered with C&I on an apartment clubhouse renovation. Together, we combined our knowledge of design and construction to provide a satisfying product for our client. C&I brought to the table over 50 years of combined experience in their specialties, which added invaluable depth to this project.

Owner Joe McInnis was kind enough to take a break from running his business just long enough to do a qucik Q&A with us. We're pretty excited about C&I Building Maintenance and, after reading their interview, we know you will be too!

Joe McInnis and two of his sons.

Joe McInnis and sons.

1. When did your company get started? What's the story behind it?

In 2013. I've always had the desire to have my own company, and one that I could share with my sons. I'm fortunate today to have my three sons in the business with me. In addition, I get to work with my wife of 34 years, as she takes care of the administrative end.

2. Give us your “60 second commercial” on what your business is all about:

C&I Building Maintenance is the solution to the facility needs of commercial and industrial building owners. We partner with owners and companies to provide cost-effective solutions for all their roofing, painting, flooring, insulation, and remodeling needs.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals by bringing our experience, professionalism, and dedicated work ethic to every project we undertake. In our rapid growth over the past four years, we are proud to say that we have earned the satisfaction of every valuable customer we've had the pleasure to serve.

C&I Maintenance working on a roofing job.

C&I working hard on a roofing job.

It has been our philosophy to provide customers with multiple options for their facilities, and provide education on the various products and services to allow them to make an educated decision based on their needs and budget.

Where most companies only offer the product they install, we have partnered with many respected contractors in Michigan to offer the best solution to a customer's needs. This philosophy has enabled us to work with some of the best contractors in the state, as well as the respect and repeat business of our valued customers.

3. Tell us a little about your background:

I have spent the last 20+ years in roofing and sales, and have done construction work most of my life. I still get a feeling of awe after finishing even the smallest jobs; when I can step back and marvel at what our team has accomplished.

4. Tell us about a favorite project or achievement:

My favorite project is probably the clubhouse remodel when I partnered with Lauren at the LFID. This project allowed us to utilize many of the skills we've developed over the years and presented us with many challenges that we were able to overcome. In the end, it was a project that left all of us with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The completed apartment clubhouse that we renovated with C&I.

A shot of the completed apartment clubhouse renovation.

5. What is one of your favorite things about what you do?

Using my experience and knowledge to assist building owners and companies solve their facilities' needs.

6. Tell us something about your business that makes it unique:

We offer multiple solutions to customers and base our recommendation on what best serves their needs, not ours. I will recommend another contractor's product, rather than our own, if we feel it better serves their needs.

7. What does your process look like when working with a client?

We start with a consultation to determine the needs of the customer and discuss possible solutions. We then review the issues and, if needed, consult other contractors and solicit their input and possible quotes.

We then meet with our client to review our proposed solutions and provide a brief education on the benefits and possible disadvantages of each proposed solution. Once a client has selected us to provide our services, we work with them to ensure that our work will not disrupt their business, and that our service will meet or exceed their expectations.

C&I working on an insulation job.

An insulation project completed by C&I Building Maintenance.

8. What does it look like for you to partner with an interior designer on a project?

Working with Lauren was the first time we've worked with a designer. It was a rewarding experience where we were able to discuss ideas, products, etc. and come to an agreement that best fit the needs of our customer.

9. If a reader wanted to get in contact with you or learn more about your business, where could they do so?

On our website, or via cell phone: 616-745-7721.

Another shot of the completed clubhouse.

Another shot of the apartment clubhouse project.


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