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Five Warm Beverages To Snuggle Up With This Winter

A creamy cup of coffee in a white teacup.

There is nothing quite like a toasty mug of hot chocolate or a steaming mug of tea on a winter day. Michigan's snowy season is the perfect incentive to sit back with your favorite drink, relax and enjoy all the beauty that your home has to offer. Here are five drink recipes, from cocktails to coffees, that will get you in that calm and cozy state of mind:

1) Cafe con Miel

A foaming cup of cafe con miel.

If you're a coffee lover, then you can't pass up this easy and delicious twist on flavored coffee. The secrets? Nutmeg and honey! The perfect blend of sweetness and spice, this is a drink you'll crave all winter long.

Make it here: Cafe con Miel.

2) Hot Toddy

A steaming hot toddy in a yellow and white striped mug.

Whether you're fighting a cold or you simply want a yummy cocktail to sip, a hot toddy is a great go-to. Lime juice and honey help to sooth a sore throat while the addition of ginger gives this drink yet another cold-kicking element. Add a dash of bourbon to top it off and your hot toddy is complete!

3) Irish Coffee

An irresistible Irish coffee foaming at the top.

If you're looking for a sweet treat with a bit of a kick, an Irish coffee might just be the answer. All you need: coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whip cream. Fly solo on this one or serve at your holiday gathering for a sophisticated (but oh so easy!) beverage.

Make it here: Irish Coffee Recipe.

4) Ginger Tea

Ginger tea steaming in the crisp winter air.

Another great drink for fighting that seasonal cold, ginger tea is simple to make and can be served hot or chilled. Grated ginger, honey, lemon and water are the main ingredients but I love that this recipe suggests a host of other add-ons to personalize your drink.

5) Best Hot Chocolate

A flowered teacup full of a rich hot chocolate and topped with chocolate chips.

This post wouldn't be complete without a hot chocolate recipe. Children and adults alike will love this creamy, rich take on winter's most traditional beverage. Milk, cocoa powder, chopped chocolate and sugar combine to make this an irresistible dessert drink.

What's your favorite winter-time drink? Do you have a variation on any of the above recipes? Share your winter beverage tips in the comments below...


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