2019 Winter Wardrobe Haul: What I Found + What I Learned

As promised, today I'm sharing my "winter wardrobe haul". These are the new pieces I've added to my wardrobe per my most recent shopping trip with Mama C, as my high school friends liked to call my mother (C for Conley—my maiden name, in case you were wondering), along with a few pieces I picked up from a local resale shop a little earlier this season.

I was especially excited about this particular shopping trip: I already had a lot of the staples, and I'd made up a good list of things I was looking for. Specifically, I wanted a few warm sweater/duster type tops I could wear over many of my existing staples. I already have a handful of regular sweaters, but not that could be easily layered, so that was my main goal this time around. I also needed black jeans, which had been on my list for a while.

You'll see I haven't veered too far from my typical color palette (if it ain't broke, right?). For the most part, I stuck with yummy neutral tones and plenty of texture, aside from one little outlier—leopard print! Can't wait to show you how I styled that below!!

Before I get to the outfits, here's the list of new pieces I picked up, along with what I utilized from my existing wardrobe.


Long Dark Brown Duster

Hooded Leopard Print Over-Sweater

Striped White Wool Blazer

Chunky Gold Turtleneck Sweater

Black Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Cream Blouse with Lace Detail (resale find)


Thin Gold Watch (vintage)

Chunky Gold Vintage Necklace (vintage)

Plaid Wool Scarf (resale)

Brown Mid-Rise Boots (resale)


Striped V-Neck Tee

Chambray Button Up (resale find)

Black Fashion Boots

Gold/Brown Earrings


I'm super excited about my jewelry finds, mainly because they are vintage pieces that used to be my Grandma's! The necklace (you'll see a better photo below) is super comfortable and simple while making a big statement. It's also SUPER easy to put on because the clasp is essentially a magnetic snap—genius!

The watch, however, is what I'm most excited about! I've never ever ever liked wearing watches or bracelets. I have abnormally large wrist bones (I know, it's weird), which makes wearing anything on my wrists super uncomfortable, but this watch is perfect!! It's comfortable and loose fitting but holds it's shape, so it wears more like a thin bangle, and it feels super classy for both dress up and casual.

I was very pleased to find out that the watch worked since the battery was dead when I found it. I took it over to my friends at Bauble Patch Jewelers to replace the battery and repair the safety chain, which had snapped in two places, and now it looks brand spanking new!

It's so fun to have a couple staple pieces that were my grandma's. Her name was Bev, and she was super sassy and extremely fashionable. It's a great little way to feel connected to my past and remember my rocking grandma!

The other fun accessory find was this chunky plaid wool scarf. It was a last minute add at Style Encore to get me to a discount (one of those spend $50 and get $10 back type deals), but it turned out to be the perfect final addition to most of my winter outfits. Plus, even if it doesn't match a given outfit, I can still wear it with my black puffer coat to keep me toasty warm.


The first outfit is super simple and comfortable, but still feels stylish. I tucked an existing striped v-neck tee into high-waist jeans layered under the faux suede bomber jacket, and finished off the look with the plaid wool scarf and fashion sunnies from summer. You can't see my feet in these photos, but I had on the low rise black boots.