Creating a Haven: How to Make Home a Calming Space

A sunroom designed by Lauren Figueroa.

Friends, this post hits home. As Lauren and I prepared for this one, and I then began writing it, I realized there was no way for me not to make it personal. Some things just have to be personal. And they’re often more powerful that way. While all the tips, tricks and room designs still come straight from our favorite designer, with her blessing, I wanted to share my own perspective as well.

There are so many things that we need and desire from our homes. For many of us, chief among these is the need for home to be a haven; a place of rest and peace. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this isn’t just a desire but a very real need. Having my home be a calming and soothing space is just one more tool I can use when battling anxiety. And this wasn’t something I realized until I learned it from Lauren herself.

A lovely bedroom with subtle color pops by LF Designs.

This all sounds well and good, right? But how do you actually make home into this very special place? As I write this, the flame of my sugar cookie candle is bobbing merrily beside me. I have a salt lamp glowing nearby and a vase of cool, periwinkle flowers brightens my desk in front of me. The answer is: one small, intentional step at a time.

Reduce Clutter, Increase Functionality

While I’ll get to the decor aspect of it later in this post, first I want to focus on chaos control. Any steps you take to make your home a soothing place will be much more effective if you’re not tripping over shoes, children’s toys and other odds and ends first.

Artistically arranged kitchen shelves by Lauren Figueroa Designs.