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Book Review of Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

Why do I believe so fervently in the importance of interior design? Not only because it can aid you in leading a productive and peaceful life, but because it can also help you lead a joyful life.

Home is where we start and end almost every day. It’s where we prepare to interact with the world and where we retreat to afterwards. Our attitude when we begin each day is shaped firstly at home and then fans outward. So why not have home be a joyful and encouraging space?

The cover of Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up."

That’s what I love about the hit book from cleaning consultant Marie Kondo: “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up.” Not only does Marie provide an array of folding, storing, and sorting methods to help keep your home neat, she also details her overall tidying approach called the KonMari Method.

This process involves a one-time purge where you go through all of your possessions one category at a time. When determining whether to keep or toss a particular item, she tells you to pick it up (or touch it), and ask whether that item sparks joy.

While I have never personally KonMari-ed my entire home, I do apply her basic principle to interior design. When decorating, people are often tempted to fill their homes with miscellaneous items that have no personal meaning to them.

Sometimes this is out of a sense of obligation (think of those wedding candlesticks now buried in your back closet!). But obligation is an easy way to end up with a cluttered home that still feels empty.

A drawer full of clothes folded using the Marie Kondo method.

Marie Kondo's folding technique is yet another gem found in her book!

Using the KonMari Method, you would keep only the decor items that bring you joy. Maybe that apple pie scented candle reminds you of cozy days spent baking with your grandma. Or maybe that throw rug incorporates your favorite shade of yellow which always cheers you up.

Whether the item evokes a cherished memory or you simply love the beauty of the pattern, texture, or color, if it brings you joy, it's a keeper! Alternately, if it causes you any negative emotions or no emotion, then it has no place in your home (we're talking about decor specifically, so don't throw out all your spatulas!).

It may sound overly simple, but I think that’s the brilliance of it! There is no overthinking, no debating, no stress. Does it spark joy? Marie reduces the time consuming nature of decluttering to a yes/no question. Best of all, it frees you to create a home that inspires joy within you.

There is much more to be discovered in Marie’s book so don’t miss out on purchasing a copy here. It might just bring you a whole lot of joy!


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