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About Lauren Figueroa

Lauren Figueroa Interior Design is quickly gaining recognition as the latest up and coming design firm in West & Southeast Michigan, furnishing and remodeling the homes, lake houses, and high rise condos of successful professionals in West Michigan, including East Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, Metro Detroit and Traverse City. 

As the most reviewed interior design firm on google in West Michigan, our goal is to save you the headache, time, and decision fatigue that comes with managing a design project from top to bottom. 


Our clients range from lawyers, accountants, and medical professionals, to university professors, businesses owners, and book editors, and we understand the value of time and a straightforward, transparent process. 

A recent client sums it up, saying, “Lauren's design skills are fantastic, as you can see when you view the gorgeous photos of her projects.  What you can't see, and what is just as important, is that she's a dream to work with.  Lauren is energetic, positive, and always willing to go the extra mile when it means making a client happy.  Can't recommend her highly enough.”

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