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Create a Home that Makes YOU Happy

After completing this short design course, you will...

Have thought through what you need from your space so you can design not just based on a style, but on how you need the space to function for your unique lifestyle

Know how to narrow in on your personal style so you can create a space that represents YOU 

​Have created an intentional, practical shopping list for your next decorating project

Have learned my best hands-on-easy-to-implement design tips for executing your new space

So—are you ready to create a home that makes YOU happy?


Let's do this!

7 Steps to Designing a Home that Makes YOU Happy

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I am so glad you are here to learn how to create a home that makes YOU happy! I'm Lauren Figueroa, founder of Lauren Figueroa Interior Design, and my philosophy as a designer is that the spaces where we do life—whether that's home, work, or places of leisure—impact our moods, productivity, and overall quality of life. We all have our own ways of living and being in our spaces, and in this course I'll lend you some insights about HOW to create a space that works for you by giving you a peak into our process, as well as by providing you with some hands on tools for creating your home into a space that works for YOU.




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