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Five Workspace Design Tips for a More Creative You

If you could be more creative, productive, and healthy at work by implementing a few design tips, wouldn’t you do it? Of course!

When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to think of it as applying only to our homes, but design is equally important when it comes to your workspace. We often spend just as much, if not more, of our waking hours in the work environment, so it should be one you love to be in.

Try one, two, or all of the below tips to energize and recreate your workspace:

1) Add Color

There is nothing like a burst of color to encourage creativity. Color psychology tells us that different colors impact our mood and emotions in varying ways, so it’s important not just to use colors in your office, but to use the right ones for you.

Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, are associated with energy, while cool colors, like blue and green, encourage relaxation and peace. Purple in particular is related to creativity. So decide what mood you want your workspace to promote and try adding in the corresponding color to your walls or furniture. For more intense colors, try adding in small accents throughout your workspace.

(Learn more about color psychology and its impact here).

2) Plan Your Layout

When thinking through your workspace, consider furniture placement. While sharp angles are the more traditional route, a rounded layout can make your space more inviting. If you host client meetings in your office, you’ll want to consider traffic flow, where people will sit, and how best to make them comfortable

Another important decision is your desk’s location. A little Feng Shui tip is to place your desk in the command position: facing the door, but as far from it as possible. This keeps you away from outside distractions but also allows you to instantly respond to anyone that walks in. Try floating your desk or placing it angled in a corner to utilize the command position.

(You can find more handy tips on the command position here).

3) Incorporate Plants

I can’t stress it enough: plants are your best friend when it comes to decorating, especially in your workspace. Houseplants are shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, and help purify the air. If nothing else, add a plant or two to your work environment so you can reap the benefits!

4) Select Comfortable Seating

There's nothing like an aching back to crumble your creativity. You may spend hours at a time in front of your desk, so make sure your chair is comfortable. Same goes for any additional seating in your office. Instead of typical hardback chairs, tryout a sophisticated sofa with some throw pillows to keep your employees and clients comfy through long meetings. Don't be afraid to mix and match furniture either. The eclectic look is visually intriguing.

5) Choose Creative Décor

The best way to a more creative you? Work in a creative space! As you add finishing touches to your office, think outside the box. Don’t just buy a pencil organizer, instead place your utensils in a beautiful vase or mug. Pull in personal and aesthetic touches wherever you can. Replace boring storage bins with patterned boxes. Add a lamp, framed artwork, or a gorgeous throw rug. Look for pieces that speak to you and inspire.

Your workspace should be as creative and unique as you are, so don’t be afraid to play with it! Do you have a work area that you love to be in? What workspace tips do you have?


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