The SHOP is Open!

FRIENDS! I'm SO excited to announce that our website shop is now OPEN! The SHOP is an outlet for me to do some of the creative work I love that's not directly tied to our design projects. Digital artwork has become a great pleasure for me this year, and I'm excited to have a place to showcase it on a handful of useful, everyday products. All items in our shop are printed with original artwork by yours truly, and I hope to add more products as I continue creating new digital pieces—so pop in once in a while to see what's new!

I hope you find the pieces joyful, quirky, and fun! And if an item catches your eye that would bring a little more spirit into your day-to-day, I'd be honored to have you purchase a piece of my work. Due to the covid-19 outbreak, printing and delivery will likely be delayed, but know that placing an order—even if it takes longer than expected to arrive—is a great way to support our business and help us keep our team working and the lights on in a time that's colored by the unknown. AND—If you think of an application or product not featured in the shop, shoot us a private message and we can look into having a custom item printed, in addition to swapping patterns for different products.

- Click here to explore the SHOP! -


Lauren Figueroa, XO