I "Shopped" My Closet and Came Up with Thirteen NEW Outfits for Spring/Summer

Normally, right about this time of year, I'd head out on a yearly birthday shopping trip with my mom. That's right, she takes me out every year and buys me a handful of new clothes for my birthday, which is the end of June. Our same routine happens just before Christmas, so it's been my routine to use these semi-annual shopping trips to fill out my wardrobe with any missing items, styles I've been eyeing, or to replace key staples that have been worn out.

This year, with Covid-19, things look a little different, and with stores still mostly closed, I decided to take a different approach this spring. There's a saying out there: it's not about having resources, it's about being resourceful with what you have. And while this is usually applied to areas like business and education, I think it applies perfectly to your CLOSET as well.

When it comes to clothing, we ALWAYS reach for the same reliable combos we're comfortable with. But if you have just 5 bottoms, 5 tops, and 3 shoes...well, that's a potential of 75 different combinations! Which is way too many outfits to handle. But what I'm getting at is that there are likely LOTS of adorable outfit possibilities RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE, and I bet at least a handful of those are ones you've never thought of before!

Today I went to our guest room closet and pulled out my spring + summer clothes that had been stashed away for winter. A lot of my pieces are all-season items, but I do have a few shorts, a knit skirt that I adore, and a handful of light, airy tanks that really only make sense for warm weather.

I spent some time ironing all the pieces that looked a little tired from sitting in the closet for 7 cold months, and then I simply played with new combinations! Don't be afraid to try something that you're pretty sure will look ridiculous. You never know!! It might ACTUALLY be the perfect combination!

SO—let's get to the outfits! I'll tell you a little about the pieces, what I like about each combo, and any other little tidbits that I learned along the way.

1) White Shorts, Tunic Top, Bomber Jacket + Blue Slip-ons

Last year I picked up these white high-rise shorts on a Good Will run, and I absolutely LOVE THEM. They are sooooo comfy, and they're also so high you can tuck just about any shirt into them. Sidenote: you're going to see a lot of tucked shirts on this round-up...that's my go-to these days!