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Unapologetically Pink Girl's Room & Sources | Day Session Diaries

Today we're giving you a look into our most recent Designed in a Day session! Our challenge? To design a room for our client's little girl—3 years old—who ready to upgrade from her crib to a bed. The room had a large footprint, dusty pink on the walls with simple traditional paneling, wood floors, and a glamorous chandelier—a great blank slate to work with! Additionally, there were a few existing furniture pieces we planned to consider for the space, though nothing had to stay.

Our tasks included:

  1. Big girl bed—would prefer to have a canopy over the bed

  2. A desk for drawing and schoolwork, as well as storage of coloring supplies, etc.

  3. A space for snuggling and reading, and storage for books. This could mean a new armchair or loveseat, OR an area for a teepee or tent with lots of pillows, etc.

  4. A nightstand (or two) with a lamp and a small space for books

  5. A few pieces of wall art

My client also gave me the following style reference for her daughter:

Her favorite color is pink and she favors things like flowers, princess crowns, etc. I think we’re looking for a more traditional room, but I would really like to add some flair, if it fits. We generally like the pink, grey or gold, white theme, but are open to ideas!

Here's a sampling of her Pinterest board:

Since we were designing for a three year old, our process looked a little different than a typical DIAD session. Normally, once I have the layout envisioned, the client and I sit together and work through each of the pieces, so I'll receive feedback and make edits as we work through the space.

That process, however, likely wasn't going to work with a three year old (too long, too boring), so instead, while my client and her daughter hung out downstairs, I spent a couple hours putting together layouts and pulling pieces for the space, and I created three bedroom style boards with the idea that they could choose their favorite details and we could mix and match items from each of the concepts.

Shall we take a look at the initial concepts?

Three possible layouts—

all very similar with slight variations

Option one included a fun scalloped headboard, a large, open bookshelf for storing toys and books, a cozy swivel chair for reading, a bench below the window, and a small white desk for crafts and, and the future, homework. All options included a tulle canopy which would hang over the headboard.

The second—and my favorite—of the options, had a beautiful upholstered grey bed frame as the main furniture piece, paired with a small open bookshelf as a nightstand. In place of the tall book shelf from option #1, we had a light wood dresser with an antique style mirror above, same desk with a different chair, and a big cushy reading chair with a floor lamp.

Lastly, we created an option using a small tufted chaise (existing in the room already) and a mirrored side table (also existing in the space already) with a tufted headboard. Our dresser is replaced by a long console with open shelving, and we have another gold and white desk and chair option. This option included a faux sheep-skin rug to layer over their existing rug, with pillows below the window for a cozy ready area.

We also pulled a handful of art pieces (above) that could be used throughout the room, and selected three different pink comforters (below) in various styles for her to choose from.

Once I had my concepts ready, it was time to narrow down to our favorite details! We spent some time weighing the pros, cons, and cuteness of each item, and here's the design we eventually landed on...

Final Bedroom Concept:

We decided to pair the grey headboard with their existing tufted settee, and went for the lower, longer open storage console. For the desk, we chose the rounded version—we felt it broke up some of the angles—and chose the smaller of the nightstands to save on floor space. We decided to keep the faux sheepskin because we liked the layers and the added texture and warmth it brought to the design, and opted for the antique style mirror, which felt the most traditional and timeless of the three mirrors.

All said and done, this room took us just shy of the full five hours—which is pretty darn quick when you think about how long you can spend scrolling amazon for even jus ONE piece!

And best of all? If you love this design as much as we do, you can shop the look! All these pieces are available via a curated collection within our trade portal, which you can access here:

SHOP THE LOOK - Final Concept

Let me know what you think of the final space! Did we end up with your favorite details? And if not, which were your favorites and why? Share in the comments below—I'd love to know! And if you're curious about the Designed in a Day service, fill out our intake form here and we'll send you some information on how it works!


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