Restoring A 105 Year Old Window Hidden Behind A Wall In Our Bedroom Closet

You may have followed along with my window saga on instagram, but in the spirit of reflecting on things completed, I wanted to compile the complete journey here on the blog. For those of you who weren't on the Insta journey with us, here's the scoop: our house has a handful of phantom windows that exist on the outside of the house, but not on the inside. Curious, right?

If you know anything about the Heritage Hill neighborhood, you know that it can be extremely difficult to get approval to change anything having to do with the exterior appearance of a house. My guess is that, rather than go through the effort of getting the historic associations approval, some owner of this house at some point decided to just wall right over the darn things.

For the most part, I think they were crazy. These are massive, beautiful windows that, in my opinion, only add to the awesomeness of the house. There is, however, one window in the primary bathroom that was walled over to make a vanity wall with a giant mirror and built-ins, which, yes, does make the bathroom super functional. But all the other ones—just crazy!

Anyhow, at the beginning of quarantine, like half the country, we decided to take on a project, and the window hidden in our bedroom wall was it! At the time, there were two closets in our bedroom previously—one that's sort of a walk-through into our bathroom (below left), and the other, which was built in front of the hidden window. See this closet on the right, below.

The placement of the hidden-window closet was also a little odd because it created sort of a stair step from the closet to the chimney to the exterior wall...not the worst design faux paa ever, just...a little odd: