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8 Must-Have Design Details for Your Four Seasons Sunroom Space

Summer is the perfect time to talk sunroom design features!

We have a gorgeous sunroom in our new house that I've been LOVING, and thanks to the previous owners, it had some pretty awesome features already. Today, I'm going to share 8 details I'd argue you MUST include to get the most out of your sunroom space this summer.


1. Great Light Control: a sunroom will tend to be just that: SUNNY. So you'll need a great—beautiful!—options for light control. Some great options include top-down-bottom-up cellular shades, solar shades (basically light-filtering roller shades), or woven wood roman shades.

2. Comfortable, Appropriately Scaled Seating: sunrooms are often smaller, so make sure your furniture is to-scale with the space. Here, we chose two, smaller scale exposed frame accent chairs. These allow for more negative space and make the space feel larger.

3. Drink / Coffee Tables: whether it's a small side table or a larger cocktail table, you'll want a surface to set your snacks, beverages, books, etc. If you have the space, a larger, central coffee table is my first choice, paired with smaller accent tables when space allows.

4. Work Surface: trust me, if you have a sunroom, you're going to want to spend as much time there as possible. Especially in these work-from-home times, you might just find that the sunroom becomes your new home-base for work. You'll be glad you decided to include a work surface!

5. Blanket Basket: even well insulated four seasons room will be a tad chillier than your interior rooms during colder times of day or months. Include a cute basket with a couple warm throws so you can easily cozy up on colder days.

6. Access to the Outdoors: a sunroom should be a transition space from the indoors to the outdoors. Include an access point to your yard or exterior, and make it a beautiful one! Large windowed doors, french doors, or paneled glass doors are all great options.

7. Candles: every great space needs a great smelling candle to set the mood! I like to base my candle scents around the seasons: fresh, floral / herbal scents for spring and summer and gooey, warm, baking scents for fall and winter.

8. Rug to Ground the Space: for the floor of your sunroom, you'll want something durable that can handle the transitions from indoors to outdoors. To warm that base up and ground your conversation area, layer a performance rug below with a nice texture or pattern.


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