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8 Details to Consider to Create a Dramatic Dining Room Space

The dining room is a special place:

It's where we gather with friends, family, and soon-to-be friends to enjoy community, good food, good stories, and, hopefully, a good vibe.

So how do you make this space in your home feel extra special and set apart? Today, I have 8 easy details you can consider to add some drama to your dining room space.

Let's dive in!

1) Focal Light Fixture

If you want to create a jaw-dropping design, your light fixtures are one detail on which you cannot skimp. Sometimes people are afraid to go larger scale here, but with light fixtures, I generally say the bigger the better—of course, make sure you have the hight, or you'll end up with a bonked head. Scale wise, I recommend your fixture be half to two thirds the length of your dining table.

2) Wallpaper for the Win

From bold patterns to simple textures, wallpaper can be a dramatic way to make an impact n a space. In this particular dining room, we chose a highly textured small scale pattern, which allows some of the other elements to stay front and center while still packing a punch style wise.

3) Area Rugs, Always

Well, almost always. If you have tiny children who like to drop mushy things onto the floor, maybe wait until they are out of that stage. But! An area rug helps anchor your dining table and brings color, pattern, and texture into the space. And, in an open concept great room, it will help define the dining area from other areas in the space.

4) Large Scale Indoor Plants

To me, plants are like throw pillows on a sofa—a space just isn't complete without them. They bring in color and texture, and larger plants on stands can give you some height without overwhelming the space. Plus, they purify your air. So many benefits!

5) Wall Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to add interest on the vertical plane, and are a fun alternative and/or complement to artwork. I like to place them on walls where they will reflect natural light, as well as adjacent rooms, which brings depth into your space.

6) Statement Chairs

In this particular dining room, we chose a vibrant velvet yellow for our dining room chairs. They contrasted with cooler black table and blue walls, and were juuuust funky enough they they make you stop and look. I also love that we mimicked the round globe shape of the chandelier in the backs of the chairs.

7) Ambient Lamp Lighting

It's always nice to have a source of light that isn't your overhead fixture. In the evenings, especially, it's nice to have the option for a softer, warmer light source. Accomplish this with table lamps on sideboards, wall sconces, or floor lamps.

8) Crown Moulding

Crown moulding can always class up a space, especially if you have a more traditional dining room where the space is separated from the main kitchen or living space. It's also a great, complicated way to add in some architectural interest.


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