4 Drool Worthy Rooms Completed Using our Designed in a Day + Virtual Consultation Services

Let's be honest, full service design tends to be a little bit overkill for the average person. A lot of us want to be a little more hands on with our projects: shopping, setting up the space, and accessorizing can be a lot of fun (I'll be the first to say that!!) and our Designed in a Day and Virtual Consultation options have been a great resource for similarly minded individuals!

I was reflecting on some of our recent projects, and I thought, these are too cute not to share, so here we go! I've rounded up four rooms we recently completed using either our Virtual Consultation option or our Designed in a Day route, and I'll talk about each of them a tad, and I'll even include a link to shop the spaces where they are available!

Here we go:

1) Classy Hallway Home Office

First up, we have this adorable little home office. This was a TINY space, more of a large/wide hall than an actual room, but using some clever furniture placement and space planning, we came up with a classy yet functional design plan.

First, you can see our layout, which took advantage of a small open closet for a printer cabinet.

Below, you can see the individual pieces we selected for the space, and if you love it to, you can also SHOP THIS SPACE HERE.