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4 Drool Worthy Rooms Completed Using our Designed in a Day + Virtual Consultation Services

Let's be honest, full service design tends to be a little bit overkill for the average person.

A lot of us want to be a little more hands on with our projects: shopping, setting up the space, and accessorizing can be a lot of fun (I'll be the first to say that!!) and our Designed in a Day and Virtual Consultation options have been a great resource for similarly minded individuals!

I was reflecting on some of our recent projects, and I thought, these are too cute not to share, so here we go! I've rounded up four rooms we recently completed using either our Virtual Consultation option or our Designed in a Day route, and I'll talk about each of them a tad, and I'll even include a link to shop the spaces where they are available!

Here we go:

1) Classy Hallway Home Office

First up, we have this adorable little home office. This was a TINY space, more of a large/wide hall than an actual room, but using some clever furniture placement and space planning, we came up with a classy yet functional design plan.

First, you can see our layout, which took advantage of a small open closet for a printer cabinet.

Below, you can see the individual pieces we selected for the space, and if you love it to, you can also SHOP THIS SPACE HERE.

2) Crate + Barrel / Target Chicago Loft Living Room

Ya'll, if you can believe it, we completed this space in a SINGLE HOUR. That's right. This one was a 1-hr virtual consultation, and our client came PREPARED. She had all her measurements, existing pieces, and her list of questions/items she wanted to tackle.

You can see the layout we created (2 below), which allows for efficient traffic patterns and easy TV viewing while still including a cozy conversation area, and because she has a puppy and a baby on the way, we went with a cost-effective faux leather option for her chairs (Target!).

[I don't have a link for you to ship this one, but other than the target chairs, everything else is Crate & Barrel]

You can get A LOT done in an hour if you know what you want to accomplish and come prepared!

3) A Cozy Entryway to Welcome You Home

Next up is this timeless entryway for the same client. Here we have a gorgeous mix of materials, metals, and textures.

This wasn't a huge space, and with a whopping five doorways in the space, we wanted to keep it open for easy traffic flow.

We included a larger flat weave area rug in a medium darker tone to hide dirt, lots of greenery, a small console with lamp lighting as an easy spot to drop keys and wallets, and two arched mirrors to add character and make the space feel larger.

4) Open Concept Great Room with Tons of Texture (plus a few fun bedroom options):

The texture in this design was TO DIE FOR. This was an open concept great room that included a gorgeous island and in-kitchen dining area.

We started with the bigger value items (sofa, rug, tables), and then moved into the kitchen with new seating options and a beautiful new chandelier. We found to great rug options, so the client decided she'd make that decision later.

This was a Designed in a Day project, and we ended up with just enough time to hop over to her bedroom and make a few additional selections there. See those below as well!

The Wrap Up

The moral of this blog post is: sometimes when you're designing a space and you hit a roadblock, you might need something as little as a day, or even just an HOUR, to get you going in the right direction. We've been loving these sessions SO much, and it's been incredibly gratifying to see our clients get so much helpful information in such a short time.

Design can feel incredibly overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. There's a whole world of resources and lingo and strategies out there, but if you're not familiar with them, it seems impossible! Let us point you in the right direction and get you the momentum you need to get your home feeling like YOU.


Work with Lauren Figueroa Interior Design

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We work with clients from Detroit to Novi to Clarkston, and Grand Rapids to Holland to Traverse City—and anywhere in between! We pride ourselves on creating bespoke, people-centered spaces—because after all, people are what this life is all about!

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