Fulton Heights Designed in a Day

Last week we had the opportunity to meet with an adorable couple—Sarah & Joe—who just recently moved to Grand Rapids from Duluth, MN. Our new Designed in a Day service was a perfect fit for their needs since, being a fairly hands-on and DIY oriented couple, taking charge of the ordering and installation was appealing to them.

When Sarah & Joe sold their Minnesota house, the purchaser also bought all their furniture, so they were starting completely from scratch (love that!!)! That said, they'd been in their house two weeks with nothing but a craigslist sofa and a temporary table from their parents, and so needed a plan to get their house in order quickly.

We advertise our Designed in a Day (DIAD) service as being adequate to design and source for a single room, however, our couple's space wasn't incredibly large, so we decided to try and tackle the entry, living, and dining—the spaces were adjacent to one another and fairly open, so it made sense to go this route.

As it goes with our DIAD service, we started with a style discovery conversation. Prior to our appointment, I had Sarah & Joe pull a handful of images that represented their style, so we walked through those images and talked about what they resonated with in each one (or what they didn't like in any given space). See a few of their inspiration images below! (Images pulled from Pinterest).

Joe and Sarah described their style as follows:

Mid century modern. Simple. Clean. Comfortable. Clutter free. Some bright pops of color but a lot of neutral tones and light brown leather.

When designing for a couple, it's important to get a good understanding of the values of each person, and come to a good middle ground. Joe & Sarah both loved mid century modern, however Joe liked spaces more clean and clutter free, whereas Sarah enjoyed lots of cozy decor, and leaned a little more toward a bohemian style. Both, however, loved rugs with Turkish or tribal patterns, so we knew we'd incorporate those into the space.

Image: Ikea