Project Reveal: An eclectic, plant filled condo with loads of original artwork

I am so excited to reveal this space to you! When we first met with our clients, the plan was do do a kitchen renovation in their long-time home. Just following our design style session, my clients called, ecstatic, that they'd just found an opening in a condo community they'd been eyeing for years, and they'd be listing their house the next week!

That said, we shifted gears, and instead of a kitchen remodel, we were focusing on all new furniture and decor for their brand new condo! The space was newly renovated, and with a fairly neutral palette (my fave!). With their dream home purchased, they were ready to invest in all new pieces to finally create a home that perfectly blended their styles.

If you remember back to our update post on this project, comfort and community are a central value for this couple. They love to host groups of friends and family, and wanted their space, while intentionally designed, to be a place where people would feel comfortable and at ease. I remember one of them, at our initial meeting, saying, "nothing should feel so precious that people are afraid to move out of fear they might knock something over." I love that!

Here's the style board from their presentation, the proposed layout for the great room, and an early color study for the space: