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Our Thanksgiving Wish

A garland of leaves and a candle by the text, "Give thanks."

Snow is sifting down softly outside. On my desk, a candle flickers full of mirth and mischief. Pillows with soft ridges and looped strands sit on my couch. My front window holds a collection of teal and orange Thanksgiving stickers placed there by my two year old. The whole house is slowly being wrapped up in that hush of wintertime; that subtle, sleepy feeling of warmth, quiet and peace.

Every Thanksgiving, Lauren and I like to share a gratitude post. It’s one of our favorite things about the holiday: taking time to look around and count all that we’ve been given and all that’s overflowing in our lives. Big things, like family trips, business growth, creative projects and curly haired toddlers. And smaller, less noticeable moments like a house dozing in the quiet of a November day.

If we could wish one thing for you this holiday season, it would be mindfulness. It’s a trendy word these days but it’s one that we stand behind. Mindfulness is all about being in the present. Not in the worries of tomorrow. Not in the regrets of yesterday. But being fully in and aware of the moment around you. It’s about noticing the little things: the firmness of the floor beneath your feet, the softness of a blanket on your toes, the way your child’s mouth widens into a grin all his or her own. You’ll find it in the colors, the scents and the sounds that surround you. It’s in every moment that you choose to be aware and present; that you choose to simply be.

And then we’d challenge you to take it one step further and not just be aware of those things, but to let a deep sense of gratitude for them overwhelm you. Because we often have more to be grateful for than we even realize.

Amidst all the busyness and commitments that the holidays bring, that is our wish for you. Whether you pause within those busy times to be mindful, or you choose to create a slower, simpler holiday so you can enjoy each moment more fully, either way, we hope you can truly be in every minute of this season.

We are so, so grateful to everyone who makes what we do possible: clients, family, friends, the list goes on. Below are a handful of photos from the past year to give you a glimpse into just a bit of what we’re thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family at Lauren Figueroa Interior Designs to yours!!!

Designer Lauren Figueroa in Greece.

Lauren's dog on her armchair.

Writer Rachel Weaver and family.

Lead designer Lauren Figueroa and her husband.

Writer Rachel Weaver on a hiking excursion.

Rachel Weaver and family at the beach.

Lauren Figueroa and her husband in Greece.

Rachel Weaver and husband.

Lauren Figueroa in her own sunny home.

Writer Rachel Weaver's daughter.

Lauren Figueroa and her niece.

Rachel Weaver and family.

Lead designer Lauren Figueroa with writer Rachel Weaver.

(An oldie but a goodie! Now go eat turkey!!!!)

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