Home Tour Part 7: The Loft

So, the loft.

Well! We've had ALL sorts of plans for the loft, including but not limited to:

  • Add a bathroom and kitchenette to make an apartment for extra income/long term guests

  • Make it into a GIANT office for LF Designs!!!

  • Add a bathroom and create a luxurious master suite

  • Concert hall/ballroom (there are seriously houses in our neighborhood that have ballrooms in the attic)

SO, which to choose, right? Since we're not completely clear on our 5 year plan, and since we'd rather travel than put 30K into renovating the space, I decided to start out using only pieces I already owned:

  • MCM sofa was a Craigslist find from a while back. I bought it for a staging client, and it ended up in Larry's office for a spell.

  • The two club chairs were bought for our first house and they lived in our living room until I purchased the turkish-style rug. They were fighting too much, so I had to seperate them!

  • Coffee table used to be in our living room. Its literally two crates with a slab of wood on top.

  • Headboard was a garage sale find and bedding used to be in our master until we got a king.

  • The painting was a gift for our wedding by my friend Sammy (check out her art on insta). It was also in the living room previously, and also fighting with the rug, so now it gets to shine as the one bit of color in this all white space.

  • MCM plant stand in the "plant nook" is from Changing Times.

  • I ended up making a few budget purchases for the space to hold us over and make the space functional/cozy until we decide what we're going to do with our lives! (2 rugs, the dining set, and TV stand, all from Allmodern).

Take a peak: