Home Tour Part 5: Step Into My Office

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently moved my office from the second floor guest bedroom to the main level. This space has had all sorts of functions over our three years of living here.

Initially it was Larry's office. Apparently I never took a full on photo of this space, but here are a couple vignettes. Recognize that sofa from my old office?? This was also where we watched TV --- on Larry's work monitor --- because, well, we didn't own a TV till last year. What the what?

In June of 2017 when our housemates moved in, we transformed the space into Laura's office, with super cool builtin bookshelves (yeah, we totally had a Doctor in the house!). Sorry, its an old insta photo. I'm not a photographer, people! But you get the idea:

And now its my space. I really hadn't anticipated how much I'd like this space. Granted, I've only really been working in here about two weeks (that is, as I write this) because we took a long vaca just after I set it up, but so far so good! Because its on the first floor, I feel way more separation from the personal spaces of the house. Its also right of the entry, so wayyy less awkward to have a client at my home office, and also SO much easier to carry in purchases from the car (those steps were brutal!). Also -- it has a door that Ruby can't open! BONUS.

I'll be honest, since I've been working in here, I've already completely reoriented the furniture from how its pictured below, installed a new book shelf, and am still making plans (hehe...). BUT, this gives you a general idea of how it started, and I'll post some more photos once I get it just right....though, lets be real, when a designer designs for themselves, it never stays the same for long!