Home Tour Part 4: Kitchen & Pantry

To be clear, I did not design this kitchen. It was this way when we moved in! The styling and decor are mine, but that is it. It is, however, my kitchen, so I'd love to share it with you!

And of course, everyone's FAVORITE room in our house is the butler's pantry. For some reason, we always end up standing around in this room when friends are over. Maybe its because the booze lives here, but I think mostly people just like it. My only complaint about our kitchen is that the flow is a little odd. Everyone wants that open concept dining room right off the kitchen --- you know the look --- which is pretty much nonexistent in homes from the early 1900s (that is, not without a major overhaul, which I do, of course, have plans for in 20 years or so --- but that's another post!). So the pantry is off the dining room and leads into the kitchen, which has a sweet little sunporch attached (more of that later!), and then swings around basically like an L--shaped hallway and leads you to our back staircase to the upstairs. You can get a sense of the flow here:

Lets see...here's what I'll say about our kitchen:

  • We use our pantry for everything adult beverage related...wine, booze, glasses, bar equipment, etc. I know it looks this way, but we're really not party people --- but its good to at least have the option to throw a wine or cocktail party!

  • There's a giant chalk wall opposite the cabinets, which we like to use for all sorts of shenanigans. I'll spare you the photo of the chalkboard doodlings at my dear friend's bachelorette party...I'm sure you can imagine...

  • We have butcher block countertops throughout. I love them in the pantry, but they're not super practical in the kitchen. If you're considering it in your space, I'd definitely recommend doing only a small area in the butcherblock and stone or quartz in the rest. Wayyy easier upkeep and much better longevity.

  • The tile floor is boring and old, so that will be replaced at some point (probably whenever we take on our gigantior kitchen remodel in 20 years...muahaha), but at least its neutral!

  • Cabinets used to be oak and were painted white but the last owners. They're starting to look a little loved, but they'll do for now. We have SO much cabinetry storage, which is incredibly nice. We recently had friends live with us for a year, and we all had plenty of space for our stuff.

  • Super cool light fixtures from I--don't--know--where because I did not install them!

  • I used to collect funky coffee mugs, which are now sweetly displayed above our sink. As you can tell, we love coffee...we have all the things: french press, pour over, chemex...all the things!

  • Just next to the stove is a funky little powder room. We think it used to be a back entry because there are stairs leading up to it on the outside of the house (don't you just love these 100 year old houses!? So full of quirks and stories). Its incredibly awkward, but its also super nice to have a bath on the first floor so guests don't have to go upstairs. Instead, they can go down one stair (ha!).

  • Super convenient pot/pan storage just above our back staircase.

So there you have it! Our super cute, somewhat impractical -- but also quite fun -- kitchen.