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A Sneak Peak at Our Plan for this Saugatuck Great Room Project

Time for a little project sneak peek! We're thrilled to be completely refurnishing a great room in Saugatuck, Michigan. This project is all about clean lines and a modern vibe without losing a cozy, welcoming feel. Are we up to the task? YES!

The Space Before

Here are a couple before shots to give you a look at the space. As you can see, our clients are drawn towards that modern look. Everything is very crisp and structured. SO much potential!

A before picture of our clients' dark and modern great room.

The dining area in the great room.

Our Goals for the Space

The problem is that the space became a little too modern and too dark for our clients. All of this furniture is from their previous home and dates back about ten years. So our clients were definitely feeling ready for an update, as well as a lighter, cozier vibe.

Our main task will be to refurnish the great room, including the dining and living areas. While we want to keep the clean lines, our ultimate goal is to cozy things up a bit (think Restoration Hardware). Below is our layout for the updated space:

The floor plan for the refurnished great room by LF Designs.

Overall, the layout will stay pretty similar since our clients had a solid way of breaking up the large room into smaller, function-based areas. The bigger changes will come with the furniture and décor.

Mood Board and Style Direction

A mood board of furniture options by LF Designs.

Above you'll see our mood board, which gives you a feel for the direction we're heading in: still fairly modern, but with an emphasis on comfort. There's also a focus on pulling in lighter tones.

Take a peek at some product specifics below:

A large sofa.
A cozy armchair.

In the living area, we're still keeping with the straight lines and neutral tones, but we're also pulling in some lighter colors. To help add a touch of warmth we chose a cozy, textured rug.

A rustic trestle table.

A modern coffee table brings in warm, wood tones.

We had two main tables to pick out for the space: a dining table and a coffee table. Again, you'll notice a crisp, no-nonsense design but we veered away from the original black furniture and chose warm, wood tones instead.

A floor lamp for task lighting.

A rounded table lamp.

The Wrap Up

Another piece of this project is to add task lighting throughout the great room. Before, our clients had only overhead lighting with no other intimate alternatives. By spacing a variety of lamps throughout, we'll give our clients cozier lighting options for a variety of scenarios.

Our last step in this project will be to help accessorize the room. Remember all that AMAZING shelf space they had in their living area? We're just itching to make use of it and create a gorgeous display!

Stay tuned to see the final project reveal...


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