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Out With the Claw Foot Tub and In With the Custom Vanity! An East Grand Rapids Primary Bathroom Reve

A view of the vanity from the shower room.

One of the unique parts about being an interior designer in Grand Rapids is getting to work with houses that have been around for over a century! I love helping homeowners showcase the classic beauty of these historic homes while also updating each house to meet the demands of modern life.

We recently completed just such a project in East Grand Rapids in partnership with Katt Design and Carpentry. The renovation was for the master bathroom with the end goal being a more spacious and functional room (and, of course, a joy-inspiring space!).

The original bathroom (below) was meant to serve a family of four, and had very limited space. The area with the clawfoot tub (and where the new vanity is now) was the entirety of the original room.


To double the space, we converted a large closet that ran parallel to the original bathroom (two lower photos in above group) into the shower and toilet area. We separated the two spaces with a sliding barn door (custom built by Katt Design and Carpentry) to increase functionality: someone can now shower while someone else is using the mirror and vanity.

Of course, to bring in new items, first some had to go. We said goodbye to a giant clawfoot tub (how they got that out, I’ll never know!) and the original old pedestal sink. In its place, we brought in a custom-built vanity as the focal point of the room.

The vanity complete with farmhouse sinks and a large mirror.

There are three women in this family, so countertops were essential! The cabinetry was another custom built feature by Katt Design, with Cambria countertops for a beautiful and durable finishing touch. My client also loved the idea of using farmhouse sinks to give off a vintage look. These not only have a rustic feel but are spacious and practical for everyday use. A large mirror and optimal lighting finished off the vanity area.

All in all, the project came together beautifully and the master bath became an area of relaxation and tranquility. Best of all? We updated the space to fit this family's lifestyle while staying true to the original feel of the house.

Take a look at the finished space below!

The sliding barn door separating the two spaces.

A close-up of the barn door.

A look at the cabinetry.

A closer view of one of the farmhouse sinks.

A side view of the vanity and cabinets.

A view of the towel hooks and bathroom decor.


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