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Where and How To Use Warm Tone Colors in Your Space

Are you drawn to vivid reds, oranges and cheery yellows? That could be because you like to feel energetic and motivated. All of those colors are considered warm and, just like cool colors, they impact your emotions and mood in specific ways. Knowing how they affect you will help you decide where to use them in your home.

Warm colors are seen as emotional because they’re vivid, intense and lively. They inspire energy and increase your appetite. Warm tones can also make a large room feel cozier since these colors advance in space, meaning that they bring everything inward.

The warm tones of the wood in this outdoor dining room will help increase appetites and encourage interaction.

Spaces where food and eating are paramount benefit from the emotions evoked by warm colors. This includes kitchens, dining rooms and restaurants. Gathering places also gain from the interaction that warm shades encourage, such as playrooms or family rooms.

In this space, the warmness of the copper structure and wood

tables are offset by the cool tones of the metal wall behind them.

Where shouldn’t you use warm colors? Any place that you want to feel focused or at peace. This can include bedrooms, bathrooms, spas and offices.

As you decide what colors to use in your home, think about the main function of each space. Ask yourself, “Is this somewhere I need to be active or is this a place where I want to rest and focus?” Doing so will help narrow down your color options to the ones that will benefit your space the most.

The warm brown and red tones of the leather

and area rug help this space feel cozy and inviting.

For further reading, check out these articles from HGTV and Interior Dec. You can also view my previous post on cool colors here.

So, do you love warm colors? Where would you consider using them in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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