Where To Utilize Cool Colors

Color is a mood changer! A while back, I shared about two broad categories of color: warm and cool. Each category promotes different emotions, moods, and behaviors. But how do you utilize this knowledge to enhance a room’s purpose? Well, today we’re going to dive into cool colors and see just where these fit in your home.

A cafe with blue walls and blue stools.

(Photo courtesy of Kaboom Pics)

Greens, blues, purples, and grays represent the cool spectrum. These colors tend to recede when you view them, meaning they withdraw and expand a space. Cool colors invoke soothing, restful and peaceful feelings. They can also encourage focus and are seen as intellectual, rather than emotional, colors.

A gray dining room.

Based on this, cool colors are great for areas where you want to relax or be calm, as well as in small rooms that you want to feel larger. Bedrooms, spas and bathrooms are great candidates for cool shades. Offices and studios also benefit from these colors since cool tones help with concentration.

A blue room with a blue couch.

In contrast, you shouldn’t use cool colors in rooms where you want to feel energetic. While these colors give you energy by helping you rest, they promote peaceful feelings, rather than active ones.

A dining room featuring gray colors.