All About Height

When you first step into a room, where is your eye drawn? Does it glance across the space in one horizontal sweep? Or does it glide from the bottom up, taking in the different levels of decor?

Using objects that vary in height is one way to create interest in a room. When everything is at the same level, you’ll find yourself gazing at a flat plane. But when you mix different sized decor, you create a visually appealing room.

The key is variation! Choose pieces of furniture that stand at different heights, like a low bench and a taller armchair. Make use of end tables, bookshelves and area rugs too.

Don’t forget to use space that is higher up as well. Your eye should be drawn from the ground up to the ceiling. Floor lamps, mirrors and artwork are a great way to highlight upper areas. This utilizes all your vertical space and makes a room feel larger.

So get started! Walk into each of your rooms and see where your eyes are drawn. You can also ask a friend who is less familiar with your home to do this for you, since they will see your house with fresh eyes. From there, see how you can create a variance of height to achieve a polished space.

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