Rug Love

I'm a sucker for a good area rug. Just like well curated artwork can draw together a room and make it feel complete, the right area rug can be the grounding piece that makes your room pop. Not only are rugs beautiful, but they also function as a hint about how to use a space. They can define a conversation area, a separate reading nook, or even a children's play space.

For rooms with all wood or tile flooring, they add warmth and softness, and I'm not opposed to layering multiple rugs, or using rugs over carpet, either!

For some creative rug fun, try layering two different size rugs with varying textures. Also, indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option if your nervous about shedding or wear & tear. They're extremely durable, and their synthetic, so they'll never shed!

Do YOU have a favorite rug??

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