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The 10 Things I will Miss Most about Our Grand Rapids Neighborhood

I'm not usually one to look back—my eyes tend to be focused on what's ahead and what needs to be done for/to/about it. I like to think about the exciting things to come, but not so much about the things I'm leaving behind (because, well, that can be painful!).

But, as we've gone through the process of saying goodbye to our Madison house, and with it, the Heritage Hill neighborhood, I want to acknowledge the things about that place and that season that have brought me joy and that, well...I'm really going to miss!

So here we go...10 things about this place that I'm going to miss about our home and neighborhood:

1) Weekly—Sometimes Daily—Walks to Art of the Table in Summer

Since we're moving to some land, we're forfeiting that glorious ability to walk a few blocks to some of our favorite places. As much as I'm craving quite, space, and nature, I will so miss the ability to spontaneously pop into Art of the Table to grab the latest sour beer and chat with Amy or Zoe.

2) People Watching Out Our Front Window

I don't imagine we'll get much foot traffic at our new place, seeing as it's on a not-so-busy dirt road and set back a ways from the street on two I'll miss sitting on my couch in the living room and watching people stroll past with their friends, kids, and pups.

3) Sweet Treat Friday's at Nantucket Baking Co.

We've made it a tradition to pop over to Nantucket Backing Co. every Friday morning to grab a mixed berry (me) and apple (Larry) danish. Hopefully we'll find a bakery close to our new house, but Nan's danishes will be hard to top!

4) My Hair Stylist, Kristi, at Palace Flophouse

I will likely still see Kristi even after our move, but currently, she's a whopping four blocks away. Kristi has been my saving grace when it comes to haircuts: she's the curly queen, and has hit the nail on the head every. single. time.

Not about to give that up!! But I will have to be a little more intentional about scheduling now that we'll be a ways's a shot of here marvelous magical haircutting skills:

5) The Stunning One-Of-A-Kind Houses in Heritage Hill

A walk in Heritage Hill is never boring. I notice something new almost every time we take a walk, and because these houses require so much maintenance, there's always someone taking on some new and interesting project.

It's a blessing and a curse, because it makes it difficult to turn the "design brain" off, but I'll mis the uniqueness, the grand scale, the funky colors, and the nostalgia of these houses in this neighborhood.

6) Bacon & Arugula Breakfast Sandwiches from Wealthy Street Bakery

Need I say more? If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. If you have, then you know what I'm talking about!!

7) Being 10 Minutes (Or Less) From All Our Closest Friends

This is the saddest part of our move! We have great friends so nearby, and while this year has made it harder than every to actually see and spend time with them, it's so good to know you have people close by.

8) The Closeness of Everything

20 minutes or less to everything is a real perk of living in the center of Grand Rapids. Moving out to a rural area means, while we're gaining space and quite and land, leaving behind some of the conveniences of the city. In some ways I'm looking forward to that, but I know, once it's gone, I'll be missing it!

9) Wine or Margs On Our Front Porch in Summer

We'll bring this tradition with us wherever we go, whether we have a porch or not, but our Madison House front porch is something special. It's almost like a little oasis surrounded by lush green, but plopped in the middle of the city. I love sitting out on that porch, especially in the summer. I'll miss that special little spot!

10) Madison Manor—Our First Home

This one is a biggie, for sure. We've put so much time and love and care and energy into this house. It's where the first major season of our marriage played out. It's where I quite my day jobs and went full-time with LFID.

It's where we made the decision for Larry to quit his career in accounting to pursue teaching piano and seminary. It's where we became dog parents—twice! It's where we hosted people we love, had our arguments, made our amends, watched many hours of Netflix, slept in, got up early, played many games of Dutch Blitz, read books together, stayed in bed all day, made delicious meals, and LIVED.

I don't care that some people say otherwise; houses, spaces, and places are important, and this has been an important place for us. We'll miss you, Madison Manor!


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