Your completely virtual interior design service

With Essentially E-Design, we do the heavy lifting on the design side and provide you with one click purchasing for all your furniture and decor. 

Imagine yourself six weeks from now:

You're in your living room, sipping your coffee with your favorite person while sitting on a super-stylish sofa; your feet are propped up on the most BEAUTIFUL marble top coffee table where a classy bamboo tray sits on top holding a happy little house plant, your favorite book, and a glowing candle. 

Does that sound serene, or what?



Essentially E-Design is our completely virtual design service that can make this serene scene your reality. Get that high-end classy home (you know, the one that impresses your friends!) even if you feel like you have ZERO sense of style...we got you 😉 

Step One:

Style Discovery

You'll compile a Pinterest board of images that speak to your style love language, and share that link with us, and we'll provide you instructions for measuring and photographing your space. Once we have that information from you, we get started on your design plan!

Step Two:

Design Development

Our team creates the best possible layout and selects the perfect pieces to finish your space. We compile this information into a curated online collection for you to purchase online, along with a digital style board, plus a 2D layout so you know how to setup your space when everything arrives. 


Step Three:

Design Delivery

We schedule a virtual project presentation to walk you through our plan and deliver your custom curated furnishings and decor package, which you can then order in one click!





Happy Clients

"Lauren is terrific! Easy to work with, creative, and eager to work together to get the end result we hoped for...She solved a layout problem in our living room that had plagued us for years. And she offered terrific guidance in choosing paint color for the whole space.


Her plan made use of a couple large pieces pieces we already had and then gave specific parameters to guide our shopping to fill out the whole plan. She was so kind and helpful...Highly recommend!"


- Deb + Ron Rienstra -

Essentially E-design is right for you if...

You don't want or have time to wait the typical 4 to10 months required for a fully-managed project with custom furniture orders


You're love online shopping


Your project is mainly furnishings and decor, rather than a renovation project


You are done living in an uninspiring space and want to do something about that—fast!

Ready to get Started?

Due to capacity, we take on just two Essentially e-design clients per month. If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, click below to fill out our project application and secure your place in our schedule.

A few notes...

E-design projects are allowed up to three revisions. A revision constitutes the swapping out of one item for another or a small change in the floor plan. Revisions above and beyond are provided at our hourly rate.

Minimum two-week project turnaround.